Ginger Taylor

Published by gtaylor on 26 August 2006 - 2:11pm

Ginger's Mug ShotMy name is Ginger Taylor. Im the founder of The Synaptic Leap, a non-profit organization for open source biomedical research. My background is packaged, commercial applications, with the last 7 years focused on corporate intranet portals. My goal is to utilize my corporate portal experience to provide an online community for biomedical scientists to collaborate openly to develop therapies for some of the worlds worst diseases.

Beyond The Synaptic Leap, Im not very googleable. If youre still trying figure out who I am here are a few more details:

I have over 18 years of software industry experience and spent over 10 of those years running portal and collborative community websites and solutions.. I should also set the record straight that my programming skills are rusty. I was one of those people who (d)evolved up the management chain at a commercial application company. Fortunately, I have retained good relations with many people who kept their programming skills and they periodically volunteer their services for us.

For yet more information: