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12 Dec

Pharmacophore Modelling Using The Aryl Pyrrole Data To Date.

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Request for Help

I’ve recently been doing some pharmacophore modelling of some of the OSM and GSK compounds.  I was kindly given access to the Schrodinger Suit Software by Dai Hibbs in the Faculty of Pharmacy here at Sydney.  Unfortunately, my previous experience with the Schrodinger software is rather limited and I’ve never used the Phase application before.  Anyway, I set about getting used to the software again watching all the online tutorials and reading the manuals.  After getting used to the software a nice trend in the data was found and I set about tuning this model.  Unfortunately this is where I’

28 Jun

Enantiopure PZQ Analogs

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We have now successfully synthesised enantiopure analogs of PZQ bring our library for screening to 12 compound.  If you would like samples of the following compounds for biological screening please get in touch and we can send them to you.


23 Jan

Bronsted Acid catalysed PS reaction update

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January 2012, Here's a quick update on where we are regards the Bronsted Acid catalysed Pictet-Spengler reaction.

20 Jan

Update:- January 2012

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It's been too long since I've updated the progress of this project on here but here's a brief summary of where we are and what's planned for the near future.  From late November we've had a summer student, Kat Badiola, working on the project.  She started with preparing pure, racemic samples of the 3