15 Jul

Shop Till You Hit - Part II, no Giveaways after all ?

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External News

This is a follow up to the post from May
Unfortunately the vendors survery conducted on behalf of OSDD malaria, despite some helpfull publicity, came up with only two replies.
I have expounded on the possible reasons for failiure in this blog post

13 Jul

New ChEMBL malaria data access service

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External News

These announcments today refer to a new acess service for data on malaria-related compounds, assays and targets. This involves ChEMBL MMV and EBI.   Sounds good and I will take a look in due course

28 Jun

Enantiopure PZQ Analogs

Published by m.robertson

We have now successfully synthesised enantiopure analogs of PZQ bring our library for screening to 12 compound.  If you would like samples of the following compounds for biological screening please get in touch and we can send them to you.


21 Jun

June 2012 update on two potential drug candidates from the Todd group

Published by JimCronshaw

Jim Cronshaw from the Todd group at the University of Sydney here again. It’s been quite some time since I made an update on my research on The Synaptic Leap. This post is intended to give an overview of what problems have been hounding me over the intervening two months.

06 Jun

ChEMBL-NTD actives

Published by pylioja

I thought I would just quickly summarise some of the hits that come up in ChEMBL-NTD for the core structures of the compounds we're working with at the moment. The most active compounds, the "near neighbours", contain both a 2-iminothiazolidinone and 2,5-dialkylpyrrole moiety.

01 Jun

Single crystal X-ray

Published by pylioja


Technical Note

We've just had a single crystal x-ray structure back for OSM-S-9 (PMY 35-1) confirming which isomer of the product we've been making.

The structure shows the acyl group on the N-phenyl nitrogen rather than on the iminothiazolidinone nitrogen. It's nice to have this cleared up.

14 May

Shop Till You Hit

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Request for Help

I have been helping out with public searches for the OSM-S compounds.  One of the many utilities of PubChem is as a meta-vendor portal.  The question immediately arises as to what analogs of the more potent hits might be available for purchase and testing via the outlinks provided in PubChem.  I consider myself  able and willing to navigate the bioactivity spaghetti links but this is the first time I have done any serious ferreting through the vendor maze.  Because this turned out to be unexpectedly difficult I have written a personal blog post  that I hope will be informative for the proje

11 Apr

Research updates on two potential anti-malarial drug candidates

Published by JimCronshaw

Jim Cronshaw here. Research on my side of the Todd Lab into the synthesis of two new anti-malarial drug candidates is progressing well. As a new honours student in the Todd group, unfamiliar with the ways of a research lab, I found myself inundated with the volume of new information coming my way, though I’ve settled in nicely now. This post is intended to summarise the work I’ve completed so far.

10 Apr

Metadata for labtrove

Published by pylioja


general open research

There's something that we've been neglecting on our Labtrove ELN entries so far that we should probably deal with. Metadata. It would be great to add some more of this to our posts but the question is what would be most useful? Labtrove adds metadata in the same way as it add "Sections", i.e. it places them onto the menu on the right hand side. The problem with this is: if the precise yield is given in the metadata then it lists every single yield on the right hand side making for inconvinient reading.