06 Dec

Development of OSDD business model - assistance wanted

Published by clarson

We (at the Norwegian Knowledge Center for Health Services) are attempting to create an open source drug discovery business model that will hopefully assist individuals interested in undertaking such a project. Once the model is created, it will be made freely available. (You can read more about our project at To build this model, we would like to learn from you about your experiences at the Synaptic Leap.

08 Nov

Summary November 8th 2010

Published by MatTodd

We now have two resolutions of PZQ! (or, more correctly, PZQ precursors) The previously-posted resolution (A, see scheme below) involves taking PZQ itself, removing the cyclohexanoyl group to give PZQamine, resolving this amine with a derivative of tartaric acid, then re-introducing the cyclohexanoyl group.

08 Nov

Alternative Approach to the Diamine Precursor

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 We have looked at an alternative process to generate the diamine precursor to PZQ, whose resolution is documented. The process involves reduction of the cyano-imine derived from the published reaction of THIQ with peroxide/tungstate/cyanide. Having been able to reduce 1-cyanoisoquinoline very cleanly using Pd/C we anticipated that it would be possible to do the same here. It would be important, however, to maintain acidic conditions to prevent the retro-addition of the cyanide (well documented for the 1-cyano and 1-(nitromethyl)isoquinolines with a free N-H).

29 Oct

Preparation of Low Cost (R)-(-)-Praziquantel

Published by CreativeChemistry

Preparation of Chiral Praziquantel

Creative Chemistry/Development
Chemicals Ltd

Following on from a project for the preparation of low cost
chiral mefloquine, we were asked by WHO to have a brief look at praziquantel in
order to see if we had any ideas for a low cost synthesis of the chiral
Current Industrial
The first objective was to determine the process which is

20 Oct

Praziquantel Update October 20th 2010

Published by MatTodd

A lot has been happening here in the last few weeks, so I ought to summarise:

11 Aug

Ignite Sydney talk on Open Science and TSL

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general open research

I recently gave a talk on open science at Ignite Sydney. These talks are a real challenge in that you have 5 minutes to get across an idea, with the slides rotating every 15 seconds behind you. The event was in a cool club/gallery in the middle of Sydney, and is the first talk I've ever given where I was preceded by a beatbox act. Apparently I was the first scientist to go to Ignite Sydney.

25 May

New ELN for Pictet-Spengler Approach

Published by MatTodd

To host the raw data from the Pictet-Spengler approach to the enantioselective synthesis of PZQ Michael has started an Electronic Lab Notebook. We're using the open source Southampton Lab Blog interface for this, since we're collaborating with them on a couple of things related to this site.

06 May

Help from the Process Sector

Published by MatTodd

It's been a great week for the PZQ project, since we've had an injection of real help from the people we most need - process chemists. Much of this has arisen from a discussion I started on LinkedIn, which then became emails, but all participants have either actively participated on this site, or granted permission for the posting of information here.