Current Projects for Malaria

Published by marcius on 28 January 2006 - 11:31pm

Open source drug discovery project currently active - see GSK Arylpyrrole link below or this general intro page written at the start of the project and which lays out the Six Laws, or read about the current project status.


All malaria projects currently in process should be created as child pages to this page.  See the "add child" link at the bottom if you want to initiate a new open research project for malaria.

Note added June 30th 2011 - some projects listed below are currently inactive and are being gutted (still the case in November 2011 - could use a spring clean).


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Is there a constitued CiteUlike group that we can post to and copy from ?

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Nothing in Citulike (but feel free to start one). I recently opted for Mendeley. There's a general group on osdd:
and one on osddmalaria specifically:
I started one on NTDs
and there are a couple on praziquantel if you search there.