Your Guide to Using The Synaptic Leap

Published by gtaylor on 28 January 2006 - 10:57pm


This book is your guide to using The Synaptic Leap.  It should evolve with the community tools.  Please help us to keep it up to date by either posting suggestions via comments to a page or by creating child pages and hooking them into the hierarchy. 

Comments and new pages functionality are links at the bottom of the page available to all users who are logged in.  We require that you login before making any post so that you can be recognized for your contributions.

Format of the User's Guide 

The User's Guide is created using the book module within Drupal, the open source software running this web site.  Books allow content to be created and maintained on separate pages and then organized hierarchically.  Community participants can easily create child pages to a given page.  User's can navigate the hierarchy using the next and previous links at the bottom of the page as well as the book navigational links that will appear in the upper left-hand corner when a user is browsing a book page. 

A highly desirable feature of books is that at any level of the hierarchy a user can click the printer friendly version link at the bottom of the page and see the entire document from that page downwards, expanded and in a web page format without any TSL web site features such as header or navigational menus. 

As you begin to dive deeper into our research communities, you will notice that our research projects are also maintained with the book module.