Gene Cards for the Malaria genome

Published by marcius on 2 December 2005 - 3:22am
This project is not yet active.

Gene annotation is essential for the advance of research in Malaria. However, the annotation of genes is collected in several databases and sometimes (more than desired), associating the entries of different databases is no trivial. The aim of this project is to provide a tool that collects information from different databases for all genes in a genome and presents a summarized version of the collected information, which includes all relevant links to the original sources. Eventually, as the projects advances, we plan to maintain a wiki version of the Gene Cards so that users can modify its content.

The Sali group at UCSF has collected data from several annotated sources of the Malaria genome. As of September 2005, the Malaria genome had 5,270 ORFs.

The used sources were:

  • NCBI at
  • BioMart at
  • ModBase at

You will be able to search the database from this page after the project is released in early 2006.