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14 Jun
Published by gtaylor

Configuring Your Subscription

You may choose to have daily email notifications sent to you from The Synaptic Leap. You must have a registered account first. Once you have have registered and are logged in, you can go to your personal user profile and hit the "my notify settings" tab. From there, you just enable the various buttons.

I configured my settings so that I get a headline, teaser and link for all new comments and articles posted on the site.

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If no new posts are made, no email is sent. If multiple posts are made, you only receive one email summarizing the posts with links to each post. The email that is generated also includes a link back to your personal notification settings so that you can easily disable it anytime should you ever wish to.

Sample Email

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Date: September 10, 2006 5:15:02 AM EDT

Greetings gtaylor,

Recent content

published personal blog entry by gtaylor: Can open-source R&D
reinvigorate drug research - Nature
Bernard Munos, from Eli Lilly, wrote a very thorough article on open
collaborative research for neglected diseases and it was just published
at Nature: Can open-source R&D reinvigorate drug research. What I
particularly like about the article are the details he provides in
describing how he thinks pharmaceutical companies can and should
participate in the process. Let's face it; we're in uncharted
territory. We don't really KNOW how it's going to work. We're in the
midst of a big evolving experimental process.My vision for how it will
work tends to be a bit more grass roots, less centralized group driving
the process. Collaborative process tools like a Gene Wiki (described a
bit in that presentation) will enable dedicated experts to suggest work
for less involved volunteers to contribute. People will collaborate
the people they trust and trust must be earned. The nice thing is
that I firmly believe that both the centralized group idea of Bernard's
vision and my grass roots vision can co-exist peacefully and
occasionally collaborate together. Again, it will be a matter of trust.
Over time, the centralized group may win over the grass roots
contributors and bring them into the fold. Again, it's all a matter of
[ ]

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