The Synaptic Leap at Science Foo Camp 2006

20 Aug
Published by gtaylor




general open research

I had the honor and privilige of attending Science Foo Camp at Google last weekend. O'Reilly and Associates, Nature and Google sponsored the event and brought together roughly 200 cross-discipline scientists and open source software geeks from around the world. There was definitely a theme of those invited - open, collaboration, biomedical science, global warming, semantic web...

It was fantastic. I met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. I of course was there talking about The Synaptic Leap. The attached presenentation was my super deck I created before the conference. I didn't present it in whole. I did however talk to people on every topic - on the bus, at the cafe, by the tents... The presentation has comments I made before the conference as well as notes on feedback I gathered - both positive and negative.


I encourage you to post additional feedback below.




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Just alerting those browing the site of the latest presentation posted on the site.

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Great presentation!   I'll be referring to it as a good overview of TSL.