genetic diversity of schistosoma haematobium

Published by luogbou on 30 September 2007 - 7:03pm

I am a biochemist i have a good background on molecular biology. i would like to joint a research team to complete my PhD thesis.According to my accademic profile, i am able to work on many research areas like genetic diversity of schistosoma, efficacity of praziquantel, vaccine development against schistosoma spp. and so one.


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Thanks for the post. This site is really intended for people to post biological and chemical research they're currently doing and with which they want help/ideas. I think it's best if we keep requests for PhD places elsewhere, otherwise we'll become a bulletin board for positions!

What you might like to consider doing is posting some of your work so that others may collaborate with you - that's the beauty of the approach we're taking - that you don't need to meet the person you collaborate with, so long as there is an exchange of ideas and data in an open forum.




In line with Matt Todd'scomment, we are ready to collaborate with you on the genetic diversity of S. haematobium and other related topics. There are advantages in the collaboration for both sides - you will also be able to get more data for your PhD. Cameroon and Nigeria are also not too far from each other. So, kindly let us know if you will be willing to collaborate with our research team. Thank you.

Grace Adeoye

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hello dear ADEOYE
I am Luogbou-nzu, PhD student at the university of Yaoundé I camerron. I am working on genetic diversity of Schistosoma haematobium from Cameroon.  At this level I have already collected samples from 10 villages in Cameroon. In total, 44 isolates of adults worms (1273 males and 979 females), 99 samples for miracidia and 37 samples for cercariae are available for molecular analysis.It is very important to gain better insight into the biological haracteristics of the human schistosomes species, including their transmission and epidemiological patterns, that is why a detailed understanding of their genetic structure and heterogeneity is vital. In this project, I would like to examine the genetic diversity and population structure of S. haematobium occurring in Cameroon, using microsatellite markers and DNA barcoding technology (or any other advantageous approach). I am now looking for any facilities to complete this project because in our laboratory, there is no equipment for molecular analysis. So any researcher interested in this project would be welcome.

looking foward to read you.
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hello dear Adeoye
how are you going?
just to let you know that I am still loocking any facilities to analyse the samples of scistosoma haematobium that I have already collected.