Historical Volunteers

Published by gtaylor on 25 October 2008 - 2:03pm

The Synaptic Leap has had a lot of help along the way. I'll do my best to keep a running log of those people who have helped behind the scenes. The names are in alphabetical order.

  • Randy Akl is a developer at Oracle. He helped with some of the graphics for the website in the early days.
  • Rick Bergquist, a consultant and board member for several silicon valley companies, was a good sounding board for me during the early days of TSL.
  • Sid Chadwick, my father, has made generous contributions to help cover some of our administrative expenses.
  • Doug Chasman is an architect at Salesforce.com. Doug did the heavy lifting system administration during our first year or so of The Synaptic Leap. I was getting back up to speed with these kinds of skills and Doug carried the ball with these activities for quite a while.
  • Peter Gassner, president and CEO of Verticals on Demand, was a good sounding board for me during the early days of TSL.
  • Chris Heller, is an architect at Grey Sparling Solutions, Inc. During the early days, Chris hosted a change management solutions for us so we could track our enhancement ideas and code modifications.
  • Rich Manalang, is a Web 2.0 gu-ru at Oracle. Rich deployed the very first version of Drupal for us to beta with Tropical Disease Initiative.
  • Scott Merkle, is a sales and marketing executive for technology companies. Scott gave us early advise for TSL launch activities and also served on our board of directors for a little more than a year.
  • Khurram Mahmood, is a development manager at Workday. Khurram has served as a system administration backup when I have gone out of town.
  • Ken Pugsley, a software developer at Workday, helped with some early system administration and continues to provide technical assistance periodically. He has also served as my system administration backup when I go out of town.

Volunteers like this are my heroes.