Suggested conditions

Published by ndt228 on 6 May 2010 - 7:36pm

Dear Matt,
This may come too late, but you could look into using conditions published by AGMBarrett for aliphatic nitro group reductions, by transfer hydrogenation.  Its in Tet Lett but there's an open-access link here:


Thanks for the suggestions Nick,
We in Todd lab actually have tried a variety of transfer hydrogenation conditions for beta-nitroamine reductions after the post. Looking back at my labnote book, i have tried excatly the same condition you have mentioned: 5 eq. ammonium formate and 10% wt Pd/C with no sucess. Interstingly with Pd/C, H2 on a H-CUBE gave us a completely MeNO2 eliminated product which was fully characterized.