Is Toxo connected to schizophrenia?

20 Mar
Published by bartrum


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I thought I would point out this interesting article 
This article discusses the work of Jaroslav Flegr, a Czeck scientist who believes that Toxo is connected to schizophrenia and possibly other brain disorders.
It was interesting to me because I was just having this same conversation with another Toxo scientist who believes there is a connection between Toxo and schizophrenia.
If it turns out to be true, I think we can expect a resurgence of interest in Toxo research :)  Also, I think it is very interesting how we continue to learn that infectious diseases can be the causative agent of diseases we previously thought had no connection to infectious diseases at all, for example ulcers and cancer.
Bart Staker, PhD
Director of Multi-Target Services
Emerald BioStructures


MatTodd's picture

I saw the same article, and immediately thought the whole idea was absurd, but as I read more I became increasingly interested. It's a fascinating story, thanks for pointing it out.