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Resources Needed

Published by gtaylor on 23 February 2006 - 4:20pm

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  • Describe what's in it for the volunteers. What will they learn, how will they help the world, what great contacts will they make?
  • Consider putting your email information directly on the post. I know that they can always post comments to find out more. But I've seen a big hesitancy in doing that. People are far more open with email.


Request for Help
26 Feb


Published by Matin

As I alluded to at the end of my previous entry, I've been working on a way to make sulfonamides of the arryl pyrrole series for the OSDD Malaria project.

Figure 1. Examples of sulfonamides that are currently being made for testing as anti-malarials.

12 Dec

Pharmacophore Modelling Using The Aryl Pyrrole Data To Date.

Published by m.robertson


Request for Help

I’ve recently been doing some pharmacophore modelling of some of the OSM and GSK compounds.  I was kindly given access to the Schrodinger Suit Software by Dai Hibbs in the Faculty of Pharmacy here at Sydney.  Unfortunately, my previous experience with the Schrodinger software is rather limited and I’ve never used the Phase application before.  Anyway, I set about getting used to the software again watching all the online tutorials and reading the manuals.  After getting used to the software a nice trend in the data was found and I set about tuning this model.  Unfortunately this is where I’

10 Dec

Advice Needed: Generation of Analogues in the Thienopyrimidine Series

Published by JimCronshaw

Seasons greetings all. This is the December 2012 update from my side of the Todd lab. I have finished my honours project and submitted my thesis to obtain Hons I - which is highly pleasing - and I'm back for a period of time to assist the Todd group and their antimalarial project. Specifically, I hope to generate a variety of analogues of the hit compound within the aminothienopyrimidine series (Figure 1)


17 Oct

Patent structures as reference compounds

Published by cdsouthan


Request for Help

The recent small molecule anti-malarial patents review by the MMV teams is a very useful  job ( and  the effort raises some questions.

08 Oct

Williamson's attempted ether synthesis

Published by Alice Williamson


Request for Help

Hello, I’m Alice and I joined Mat Todd’s group as a Postdoc just over a month ago. I have started working on the Malaria open source drug discovery project and this is the first of many posts to come, thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts. My first task was to synthesise compound Sd a fairly unintimidating target, especially as Paul Ylioja has developed a robust synthesis of the required alcohol 1.

02 Oct

First research update: Introductions, arrylpyrroles and sulfonates.

Published by Matin

Hello all,
I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Matin and I started at the Todd lab in Sydney at the end of July and after 2 months I'm doing my first update on Synaptic Leap, I'll be talking about experiments which have been recorded in my lab book which can be found here.

24 Aug

Deciding Which Commercially Available Analogues to Buy Within the Thienopyrimidine Series

Published by JimCronshaw


Request for Help

Analogues of the amino thienopyrimidine lead compound are needed to assess structure-activity relationship's (SAR's) of the compound. To acheive this, both novel synthetic compounds and commercially available compounds must be obtained and submitted for biological screening. The novel synthetic compounds are being synthesised in the Todd lab at the University of Sydney. The commercially available compounds were identified by performing a similarity search on eMolecules using a similarity (Tanimoto) co-efficient of 0.55.

Desired Compounds Consultation Phase 2

Published by MatTodd on 28 June 2012 - 1:23pm


Request for Help

The evaluation of the arylpyrroles has gone well, in that we've identified promising new antimalarial compounds. Besides their high potency, they exhibit high levels of activity in a late-stage gametocyte assay which is very exciting.