General Open Research Community

Published by gtaylor on 29 January 2006 - 1:01pm

Welcome!  I'm Ginger Taylor and am the leader for this general open research community within The Synaptic Leap. The general community is a place to discuss general topics on what we need to do to make open source biomedical research successful. 

Join Us and Login

As a guest on The Synaptic Leap, you can browse and look all you want.  You must login and create a user profile for yourself if you want to participate. Once you are logged in you may begin collaborating with other community members and become a part of the collective intelligence trying to make open source biomedical research a reality.

Get Involved with a Collaborative Project 

See current projects for a list of our active open research projects. You may learn more about these projects and learn how you can participate.  At present, these mostly center around projects to enhance The Synaptic Leap web community.  However, any non-disease specific project furthering the concept of open source biomedical research is encouraged to create a new project page by creating a child page within the current projects document. 

If you're still in the brainstorming phase of starting a project, write a blog article to discuss your ideas with other TSL community members. Working together, we can direct the research towards the most promising ideas.

You can also help shape and direct other open research ideas by reading and commenting on other community posts