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1. Personal Information

Philip Haynes

2. Community Expertise

Schistosomiasis research
The Synaptic Leap community

3. Publications


Web Scaling Software Development into The Cloud, JAOO Sydney, 2008
A RESTful project approach, Australian Architecture Forum, Sydney / Melbourne, 2008
Pervasive Web Application Server Design- Serving Australia's HTTP traffic with 100 x $2,000 computers, Sydney Java Users Group, July 2007
Systems Technical Report TR95-4, Department of Software Development, Monash University. Also, COTAR '95 workshop, Sydney, 1995 and Software Visualisation 1996.
Menzies, T.J. and Haynes, P., Q: Do We Really Use Encapsulation? Technical Report

Haynes, P. and Edwards, J., The Australian Opportunity in Global Software Development, 12, 3, Cutter IT Journal, March 1999.

TR95-18, Department of Software Development, Monash University.
Haynes, P. and Henderson-Sellers, B., Cost Estimation of OO Projects: Empirical Observations, Practical Applications, 9, 7, American Programmer, July 1996.
Haynes, P. and Henderson-Sellers, B., Bringing OO Projects Under Control: an Output, Cash, and Time-Driven Approach, 10, 11, American Programmer, November 1997.


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